“The key to a long athletic career starts with prevention and regular chiropractic check ups for children.”

Family chiropractor in Montclair, Dr. Eshanov is a proud sponsor of The Sports Domain Academy of Montclair, NJ.  The goal is to promote health early on with kids. Kids play aggressively, fall, and often accidently hurt each other. The key to ensuring good joint health for an athlete is to start at childhood and to prevent acute injuries from becoming chronic. Furthermore, what is important is proper alignment correction. For example, many athletes complain of knee pain and many doctors and physical therapists treat the knee pain; however, very often something like knee pain develops not because of localized trauma to the area in pain, but rather a misalignment in the lumbo-pelvic area, which in turn may cause pain in the knee. The same may be true for the lumbo-pelvic pain- knee problems may cause improper biomechanics when walking and thus affecting the limbo-pelvic region.  Dr. Eshanov, focuses on discovering the root of the problem and treating the body as a whole and not as separate compartments. Take the next step for better health for you and/or your child, schedule for a  consultation at www.MontclairChiropracticCenter.com or by calling (973)900-2660.

(If you are looking  for a chiropractor in Montclair , we encourage you to read through the Testimonials page and see why Dr. Eshanov is such a highly recommended family chiropractor.  The Montclair family chiropractor, a.k.a. the “Church Street Chiropractor” is located on 50 Church Street, Suite 110, Montclair, NJ. Consultations must be scheduled in advance.)