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As residents of Montclair, we love being active and getting regular exercise. If your suffering from an injury or pain is slowing you down, you can be completely thrown off your routine. If you need Montclair chiropractic care, we hope you’ll visit us today. At Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic, we can treat your back and neck pain, as well as help you rehabilitate following an injury suffered on the field or on the road. Our treatments are always safe, natural, and are designed to help restore balance to your body.

Your pain may only be one part of what’s slowing you down. Your diet and activity level are also important. At Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic, we take a holistic approach to healing. We will gladly explain how a change in nutrition can help you achieve better overall wellness. Detoxification, juicing, massage, and yoga can also have great benefits on your body. When you come for your initial appointment, we’ll help you decide which paths are best for you. We work with a wide variety of patients of all ages, so don’t worry about what stage of life you’re in; we can help you achieve a higher level of health.

We’re always excited to meet new patients. If you’re in need of Montclair chiropractic care, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can treat sports injuries, work-related injuries, and any other pain or imbalance from which you may be suffering. If a visit during the week doesn’t work for you, we are available for appointments on Saturdays. Find that next level of wellness by scheduling an appointment today.


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Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic focuses on much more than just neck pain and low back pain; we focus on your overall health! Do not wait, make an appointment with Dr. Eshanov today; great health awaits you!

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Dr. Eshanov's chiropractic care utilizes the latest technology and tried-and-true methods to get the optimal results for every patient. We also offer non-surgical spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, and physical therapy.

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I recommend Dr. Eshanov to anyone that is looking for a chiropractor. He is caring, concerned and extremely knowledgeable. I've been going to Dr. Eshanov for a little over a month now for a …Read More

Donna Clough

Highly Recommended Chiropractor

Dr. Eshanov is a highly skilled chiropractic physician. He is very knowledgeable about both chiropractic and general medicine, and helps patients manage various conditions. In the field of c…Read More

Michael Olla, M.D.

Big SHOUT OUT to Dr. Eshanov

Big Shout out to Dr. Gary Eshanov, who takes the time to check in on me to see how I am progressing- even on days I don't have treatment with him. That's care!  …Read More

Carlos R. Ruiz


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