1. Montclair Chiropractor Explains Erb’s Palsy

    Montclair Chiropractor Explains Erb's Palsy Erb's Palsy also known as Erb-Duchenne Paralysis is a condition which occurs when there is injury to the nerves that innervate the upper arm and shoulder, c…Read More

  2. Montclair Chiropractor says DRINK GREEN TEA!

    DRINK GREEN TEA Studies have shown that drinking three to four cups of green tea daily may reduce the risk of developing diseases such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, and heart disease, just to name a…Read More

  3. Montclair Chiropractor: Do Not Drink Diet Sodas

    Diet drinks are dangerous to your health! There are numerous studies that show that diet drinks are responsible for weight gain, diabetes, sugar cravings, obesity, and even heart attack and stroke.  …Read More

  4. Montclair Chiropractor Discusses Benefits of Yoga

    Yoga  is a term used to describe a discipline which encompasses a physical, mental, and spiritual practice.  Originating in India over 5,000 years ago, yoga is one of the six original schools …Read More

  5. Montclair Chiropractor says: “Juice With Kale”

    If you are looking for a great vegetable to juice with, choose kale! Here are 7 great reasons: Kale has cancer fighting properties- antioxidants, such as carotenoids, flavonoids, sulforaphane, and in…Read More

  6. Montclair Doctor Recommends Ubiquinol

    Recently, the importance of Co Q10 was discussed, in a blog written by Montclair chiropractor, Dr. Gary Eshanov. With all of the information presented one question still remains to be answered- what k…Read More

  7. Montclair Chiropractor Discusses Treatment of DISH

    DISH and Chiropractic Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) also known as Forestier's disease and as ankylosing hyperostosis, is a noninflammatory spondyloarthropathy in which the spinal lig…Read More

  8. Health Briefs with Montclair Chiropractor

      Health Briefs with Dr. Eshanov (chiropractor, Montclair NJ)  Cranberries Fight Cancer! Researchers from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry- University of Massachusetts (Dartmouth) ha…Read More