Chiropractors, as health care professionals, have to go through rigorous study. They need a license from their state board of chiropractic. In addition to undergraduate degrees, Montclair chiropractors have to go through years of training in their field. This consists of receiving an education at an accredited university and hundreds of hours of practice in clinical settings with a licensed chiropractors. Along with the education and clinical practice requirements, there are four national chiropractic boards. The boards test everything that the chiropractic student learned while in school, and the last board, Part IV is a practical board. Part IV tests the chiropractor’s abilities in a hands on setting with patients and licensed doctors supervising and grading.

Basic requirements for Doctors of Chiropractic and Doctors of Medicine

If you look at the chart above, you will clearly see that chiropractors actually exceed allopathic doctors in the amount of hours of study.  Due to the fact that chiropractic students aim to work with the spine and the appendicular skeleton, the education they receive is more specific to their field and as such, they do not require a residency such as MDs do, where they learn a bit of everything. Rather, chiropractors are specialists and focus all of their attention on chiropractic manipulation/adjustments of the spine and the appendicular skeleton. In other words, chiropractors are specialists and therefore do not need to do prolonged residencies/rotations that focus on spending time in the many specialties and subspecialties.

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