Numbness or Tingling Down Arm or Hand? Shoulder pain?

Suffering from pain in the neck and shoulder with numbness and tingling of the fingers and a weak grip?  You are probably experiencing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). TOS is syndrome occurs when there is compression at the superior thoracic outlet when excessive pressure is  placed on a neurovascular bundle (artery-nerve-vein), namely the brachial plexus and/or subclavian artery and vein, and the vertebral artery which passes between the anterior scalene and middle scalene muscles.


Other symptoms of TOS are:

• Numbness or tingling in the neck, shoulder, arm, or fingers

• Aching of  the arm or hand

• Diminished hand strength

• Impaired fine motor skills

• Cyanosis  (bluish discoloration of the hand or arm)

• Swelling or puffiness in the arm or hand

•Hands are cold

There are various causes of TOS:  some of these include:  nerves and blood vessels that go to the arm and hand getting compressed near the thoracic outlet. This can happen when a person fractures their clavicle, has an extra first rib (a congenital defect), or a person who has hypertonicity of the scalene anticus muscle or pectoralis minor. Direct injury to the shoulder by a fall, car accident, or a sports injury also may be a causative factor for this syndrome.  Furthermore, improper posture or prolonged elevation of the arms above the head (such as that of an auto technician at work, or a carpenter) may cause symptoms of TOS to arise.

What are the treatment options? Dr. Eshanov, a chiropractor in Montclair, employs various methods to treat TOS. These include, spinal manipulation, therapeutic exercises, and physical therapy.  The doctor is trained in diagnosing (via MRI, radiological studies, and orthopedic tests) as well as treating this condition.  The doctor also prescribes and educates patients on exercises they can do at home in order to improve.


(When looking for Montclair chiropractors, make sure to contact Dr. Eshanov for a consultation and to determine what treatment options are best for you. The doctor is highly recommended of the Montclair chiropractors, having experience working with a wide variety of patients and pathologies.  Schedule online at or call (973) 900-2660.)