Ten miles from New York City and located on the beautiful Passaic River, our chiropractic patients from Clifton, NJ come to us with pain ranging from stress, headaches and backaches to accidents that have altered their spine in a way that consistently causes pain. With the busy lifestyle that many of our patients are involved in, we have found that so many prefer the natural, holistic treatment that Dr. Eshanov’s chiropractic care can bring, trading in pain medications for chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Eshanov is dedicated to his Clifton patients in a way that brings a quick, natural healing they could only dream about. Whether it is PMS, allergies or headaches, let us take care of you and your pains. While dealing with injuries and pain may scare you, there is no reason to have anxieties about visiting our office. Friendly, welcoming and understanding, see how Dr. Eshanov can make your pain vanish by treating it at its source.

From our initial evaluation to your last appointment, we treat you with the care your body needs and the service that you want. Contact us today and see why so many Clifton residents have turned to the care they can count on. From chiropractic and massage to nutritional counseling and detoxification diets, we have what you need to make a brand new start. Get started today and schedule your first appointment now!