Chiropractics and Pregnancy

Did you know that pregnant women can get chiropractic adjustments? It’s true! When it comes to the many issues and discomforts that women face during gestation, a chiropractor can offer quite a bit of health. Here’s what you should know about chiropractics for pregnancy.

It Can Offer Pain Relief

One of the biggest issues women face during pregnancy is hip and back pain. Why wouldn’t they? During pregnancy, the baby sits in the pelvis, causing pressure in multiple places, which can also lead to issues with sciatica. With scheduled chiropractic adjustments, we can help relieve pain from your ever-changing hips and back.

It Can Make the Birthing Process Smoother

Many women suffer from a tilted pelvis, meaning one side of the pelvis sits higher than one side, causing a shift in the organs as well. This is especially important to correct during pregnancy, as the birth canal is also affected by this tilt. With frequent visits to your chiropractor, you can properly align your pelvis and improve your chances of avoiding a lengthy birth or even a cesarean section.

It’s Great for Postpartum

Upon the arrival of your newborn, you can opt to have your baby gently adjusted. The birthing process is difficult on the baby as well, and with an adjustment, you can help your child avoid subluxation in the spine as a result of being pulled from the womb. You’ll want a chiropractic adjustment yourself as well, as your body has just experienced a major change, you’ll want to make sure that your spine can go back to normal in a safe and effective way.

If you’re pregnant, looking to get pregnant, or just had a baby, please don’t hesitate to contact our chiropractic office. We would be happy to help you prepare for your delivery or help you adjust afterward. Please call to make an appointment with Eshanov Chiropractic today.