While much of the United States is still under quite a bit of snow, many people are getting a head start on their spring cleaning due to restlessness. Being stuck inside the house for a few days is the perfect time to get a few projects completed around the house. If you’re like everyone else, you want to avoid a back injury at all costs. Here at Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic, your local Montclair chiropractor, we’ve got some tips for you on how to avoid a back injury while you’re spring cleaning this year.

  • Stand up straight! When you stand up straight, you’re standing in a way that your back will be less prone to injury.
  • Always lift with your legs, not with your back. If you lift with your back, you can slip a disc, tear a muscle, or sustain any number of other painful injuries to your spine. No matter what you’re lifting, bend your knees and keep your back straight to avoid injury.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight. People carry a lot of weight around in excess fat that puts a strain on the spine. If you’re overweight, you probably don’t have the strongest core muscles, either. This means that you’ve got weight pulling your spine in all kinds of directions as your weak back muscles try to keep everything aligned. Consider cleaning out your refrigerator and panty during your spring cleaning, too!
  • Don’t skimp on foods that are rich in calcium. Consider filling your diet with more black beans, low-fat milk and cheeses, almonds, and broccoli.