Your chiropractor can do more than relieve back pain. The spine is central to so many functions of the body that symptoms of spinal misalignment may actually play out with entirely different symptoms than “back pain.” For example, numbness can sometimes be an issue with the spine or back. Dr. Eshanov has been able to treat numbness in many patients through his chiropractic care. Below, you can read a patient review of one of these situations. If you are experiencing chronic numbness, schedule a consultation with Dr. Eshanov’s chiropractic center.


“For several months I was under the care of a chiropractor, who I believed at the time was helping me. However, that doctor was quite a distance and it became increasingly harder to get to my appointments. I found Dr. Gary  Eshanov through google. I thought okay this doctor is near the areas of my home and job. Maybe this will work out. I visited Dr. Eshanov with no expectations other than to have chiropractic care closer to home. I had suffered from numbness in the left side of my face mostly under the eye in the cheek area. After only a few visits, Dr. Eshanov has been able to help me and I no longer have that numbness. I was amazed. He was able to do only in a few short visits what my other chiropractor could not do. Every time I thought it went away when I was adjusted by the other doctor, it always returned. However, with Dr. Eshanov’s adjustments, my numbness is gone. It’s amazing. I am so pleased with Dr. Eshanov and very appreciative. Dr. Eshanov is always very caring and concerned about my health. He is available to me whenever I need him. I highly recommend you visit him today…no reason to put it off…you will not be sorry.”

–Amy L. Evans