Beautiful, stone masonry with deep historical roots are qualities that adorn this remarkable city. However, their point of pride are the gaslights that you see lit throughout the town. With over 20% of the remaining gaslights in the entire U.S., Glen Ridge, NJ takes pride in their rich history and culture and prevails as a treasure among cities in the eastern United States.

This could be one of the reasons that our Glen Ridge chiropractic patients are some of our most loyal. Finding the treasure of a natural treatment in a warm and friendly environment can be a rarity and just like their gaslights, they truly appreciate an option that so many substitute for dangerous pain medications and risky surgeries.

We firmly believe that historically proven techniques work best, and we are convinced of this every day. From yoga to chiropractic to massage, you natural healing awaits you at Eshanov Chiropractic. Contact us now and see why so many Glen Ridge residents have already chosen our chiropractic services, and become part of Eshanov Chiropractic’s family today! Want to know more about our process? Call us now and our friendly staff will be happy to help answer your questions and get you started on your path to wellness.