Chiropractic Benefits

To many, the thought of getting a chiropractic adjustment is a scary thought. Getting their neck “cracked” sounds dangerous to them, and even uncomfortable. While we understand that fear, we’re here to tell you the realities of chiropractic adjustments, how they work, and the many ways they can help you.

Here’s what you need to know about chiropractic adjustments:  

  • You’re not getting cracked – The idea that your chiropractor is cracking or popping your neck just simply isn’t true. Your chiropractor has been trained to gently adjust the vertebrae from their current state and put them back into place. What you hear sounds like a crack, but that is simply a perception of the vertebrae moving back into place.
  • You Will Benefit – You’ll find out that some people are more difficult to adjust than others, and some people will require more than one chiropractic adjustment. Regardless of your need for frequent visits, you will be able to feel the tension from your neck and back begin to fade with just one adjustment.

Here’s How Chiropractic Adjustments Can Help You

  1. Less Head Aches – As we said before, an adjustment can relieve the tension that you carry in your upper back to lower neck area. With this relief comes the benefit of relieving headaches.
  2. Weight Loss – Believe it or not, but a bad spine can keep you from losing weight. This is because a back that isn’t in the best shape can lead to injury, keeping you from working out. More importantly, a subluxated spine can lead to a bad metabolism, which can keep you from losing weight regardless of what you do. Getting a chiropractic adjustment can help to set your metabolism in the right direction.
  3. More Focus – Because your spine is the main component of your nervous system, it can have great effects on your brain function. Getting an adjustment can help give your spinal cord what it needs to fire neurons properly, so that your brain can function better.
  4. More Energy – One of the best ways getting a chiropractic adjustment can help you is by giving you more energy. Having a neck that carries a lot of tension can lead to lethargy, so when you get your adjustment you can depend on feeling a new pep in your step.14013-icon3
  5. Clear Skin – As we have said before, the health of your spine affects your overall health. When your spine isn’t able to work properly for you it can lead to a variety of problems, including bad skin. This is because your spinal cord plays a part in your hormones and can affect how well they are distributed. If your spine is causing blocks you could have an increase in certain hormones that lead to breakouts.
  6. Flexibility – Getting a chiropractic adjustment can lead to a more flexible body. When you scheduled an appointment with your chiropractor, you didn’t feel that great. Your back, neck and shoulders felt tight, and with an adjustment, you can begin to feel relief from that tightness.

If you’re suffering from any one of these issues or your back pain is getting to be too much, please don’t hesitate to call our office for an appointment.

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