Kinesiology Tape

Many of us have seen it in the  Olympics, sporting events, and on people doing daily activities. So, what is its purpose?


In the early 1970s,  Dr. Kenzo Kase, of Japan, thought of designing a therapeutic tape and a technique in which to apply it, to help support joints and muscles while simultaneously allowing for normal range of motion. Dr. Kase also thought it important for the tape to assist in lymphatic draining and blood circulation as well. In 1973, the doctor developed The Kinesio Taping Technique and Kinesio Tex tape.

8 Important Benefits and Functions:

  1. relieves acute or chronic pain
  2. reduces inflammation and edema
  3. improves lymphatic drainage (helps treat lymphedema)
  4. protects against over stretching of muscles
  5. influences proprioception
  6. helps to correct imbalances in posture or movement
  7. accelerates healing by increasing circulation of blood at the microcirculatory level
  8. influences contraction or relaxation of muscles

Application Of Tape

The kinesio tape is applied at the affected area, for both muscle work and lymphatic drainage. Without getting too technical, tape may be applied with a varying degree of stretch, no stretch, or over stretched skin depending on the purpose of the taping. Montclair chiropractor, Dr. Gary Eshanov advises people to seek out the help of a professional for taping because there are many factors involved that may require the help of someone who is specially trained in various taping techniques. Knowing when to tape from origin to insertion of the muscle or insertion to origin is very important and  taping should therefore be done by persons specially trained in the technique. Dr. Eshanov, trained in kinesiology taping, advises Montclair chiropractors and other doctors to get “hands-on” training in the technique prior to employing it in their practice. The Montclair chiropractor, further advises people to avoid the so many “Do-it yourself” videos that are on the market as many of them have incorrect taping procedures which may result in injury or no beneficial effect(s) at all.


(Chiropractor, Montclair NJ- Dr. Eshanov is trained in both basic and intermediate kinesiology taping and is happy to help patients improve with this non invasive  technique. Anyone looking for chiropractors in Montclair for chiropractic treatment, kinesiology taping, yoga, and nutritional advice is invited to meet with the doctor and discuss a plan geared for natural health improvement.)