Chiropractor Montclair NJ Highly recommends Ultra Inf-Zyme Forte
Dr. Eshanov recommends arthritis sufferers to try Inf-Zyme Forte to help reduce pain

Enzymes are molecules made of protein that are manufactured by both animal and plant cells. Enzymes are catalysts of chemical reactions,  meaning they facilitate and speed up reactions, but are not altered by the reaction. They are the “workers” of the body and thus are responsible for  synthesizing, dispensing, delivering and eliminating substances which the human body uses daily. One of the ways that enzymes perform these functions is aiding in the digestion of various foods and substances. Once food is broken down properly with the aid of digestive enzymes, the body starts to assimilate or utilize the necessary components of the food while simultaneously eliminating any excess or waste product(s).

Montclair chiropractor, Dr. Gary Eshanov, educates patients on the benefits of proper nutrition and more specifically, on the benefits of enzymes. The doctor explains to patients that the production of enzymes by the body gets hindered primarily by age and other factors such as biochemical, physiological and psychological stresses. Whenever there is a reduction of enzymes in the body, there is subpar function. Reduced enzyme levels lead to malabsorption of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, food intolerances, gastrointestinal problems, skin problems, reduced immunity, inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and more. There are many enzymes, and each is responsible for certain specific functions. There are enzymes that work synergistically to accomplish the same goal. For example, certain groups of enzymes help to reduce inflammation and pain.

Enzymes that reduce pain and inflammation, do so by attacking inflammatory plaques in certain areas of the body. Inflammatory plaques are responsible for both pain as well as arthritis; which will eventually lead to degenerative joint disease. The way to combat this is with proper nutrition and with proper supplementation. American Biologics, is a company that produces a product that Dr. Eshanov recommends highly, called Ultra Inf-Zyme Forte. According to this company, this product combines digestive pancreatic enzymes with antioxidants and metabolic cofactors to aid the small intestines’ role in digesting proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. In order to get optimal absorption, each tablet is coated in order to prevent stomach acid from denaturing the enzymes.

Dr. Eshanov stresses that enzymes taken with food help to digest food and enzymes taken on an empty stomach help more directly with reducing inflammation. Of the Montclair chiropractors, Dr. Eshanov is one of the few who offers patients chiropractic care, physiotherapy,  and clinical nutrition advice. For more information, patients are encouraged to call Dr. Eshanov’s Montclair chiropractic center and to schedule a consultation. Dr. Eshanov, a family chiropractor, focuses on an overall approach to health that is considered to be holistic.