Scoliosis is a condition in which there is lateral curvature of the spine. Treatment methods used in Western medicine are either a back brace or even invasive surgery. Surgery is usually not needed because the muscles of the back may be  be trained to hold the spine differently with chiropractic treatment and specific exercises. Chiropractic should be the fist treatment option for scoliosis as it is non-invasive and and very effective. Chiropractic treatment of scoliosis consists of manipulating/adjusting the spine in such a way so as to reduce pain and discomfort, correcting alignment, and stretching. Chiropractic helps a patient to have relief from fatigue and discomfort so often experienced in scoliosis sufferers. If you are looking for Montclair chiropractors or chiropractors in Essex county, you are invited to schedule for a consultation with Dr. Gary Eshanov. The doctor is a chiropractor in Montclair (NJ) and treats a wide variety of back problems and patients.

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