Back to School Special: Dr. Eshanov offers Students Spinal Screenings and Consultations

Dr. Eshanov,  a family chiropractor in Montclair (NJ),  is pleased to offer parents and students complimentary BACK TO SCHOOL spinal screenings and consultations in the month of September.  Kids play rough, engage in sports, and spend prolonged hours sitting and studying…these are just three reasons why a chiropractic evaluation may be necessary to determine if a child requires treatment.  Rough play and sports put strain on the body and possibly predispose students to pain and injury. Prolonged hours of sitting in class and studying often causes discomfort and misalignment of the spine. Isn’t it time to have your child screened?

(Dr. Eshanov, a family chiropractor in Montclair, is pleased to offer chiropractic care to students, families, and teachers of the Essex County community. The doctor’s Montclair chiropractic center provides chiropractic, physical therapy, clinical nutrition, and yoga. Appointments may be made online at or by calling 973-900-2660.)