Here at Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic, your local Montclair chiropractor, we’re totally dedicated to our patient’s care and experience when they’re visiting us. We have a commitment to not treat your symptoms but treat the root of your symptoms. This enables us to provide long-term results to our patients rather than short-term results. Not only do we treat neck and back pain, but we also work with people who suffer from allergies, PMS, headaches, and those who are suffering from injuries due to car accidents or sports injuries. With the New Year on our heels, we’re here to give you some resolutions to consider in 2015 for a healthy spine.

1. Work on your posture in the new year. We can’t stress enough how good posture can help your spine. Poor posture not only looks bad, but it takes the natural alignment out of your spine which can strain discs, muscles, and ligaments causing pain.

2. Stop slumping over a desk or your phone all day. While your job may require you to sit at a desk all day, you can still be conscious of the fact and not hunch over. Take frequent breaks where you stand up and stretch your back, shoulders, and neck.

3. Maintain a healthy weight or lose weight. If you’re overweight, it can put a lot of added stress on the spine.

4. Exercise regularly. Not only will this make you feel better, but you’ll notice positive physical effects, too! Plus, the right exercises can actually help your back.

Ready to start the new year off with a healthier spine? Call Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic today to schedule your appointment!