Recently a patient walked in to our office to consult with Dr. Eshanov about his back problems.  What follows is a brief summarization of the patient’s struggle to seek out proper help until he finally made it to our Montclair chiropractic center in New Jersey… The patient first sought help from his primary health care provider. The primary doctor prescribed pain medications, sent out for X-rays to be taken,  and set up a follow-up appointment with the patient.  The patient returned to the doctor complaining that the pills prescribed were making him sick and they were not very effective at reducing his back pain.  The doctor changed prescriptions, set up another follow-up date and also referred this patient to an orthopedist.  Upon seeking help from the orthopedist, the patient was sent for an MRI (to determine if  herniated discs were present); after the MRI study was completed (it was confirmed that the patient had L3-L4  and L4-L5 disc herniations), the patient was given injections into his spine, prescribed more pain medication, and given this brace to wear. The orthopedist also suggested that surgery would solve this patient’s problem. For the duration of a year, this patient was going back and forth from his primary “doctor”  and the orthopedist.

The patient walked into Eshanov Chiropractic wearing this thoraco-lumbar support (“brace”). He was given a physical examination, which included range of motion evaluation, orthopedic tests, palpation, gait and posture analysis, and his MRIs were read.  The patient complained of extreme lumbalgia (low back pain) that was constant and only the level of intensity would change.  The pain interfered with his ability to work, drive, and with the performance of the basic activities of daily living.

Upon completion of the examination, it was determined that the patient was a perfect candidate for chiropractic care.  The patient was treated with electric muscle stimulation, massage, stretching and most importantly chiropractic spinal manipulation (“adjustment”). The patient stood up after the treatment was complete and was almost pain free.  The patient was then advised on a treatment plan, life-style modifications, and an exercise routine aimed at strengthening the core and lumbar muscles. Last but certainly not least, it should be noted that the patient does not need spine surgery- through chiropractic treatment surgery has been avoided!

If you or anyone you know suffers from back pain please turn to chiropractic and get better naturally! Schedule an appointment online,  or call (973)900-2660.  

When looking for chiropractors in Montclair, N.J.,  schedule an appointment with Dr. Gary Eshanov, a wholistic/holistic chiropractor. Dr. Eshanov, is a family chiropractor  and works with a wide variety of patients ranging from children, athletes, and  anyone looking to improve their overall health.  The Montclair Chiropractic Center also provides private and semi private yoga classes by Crystal Eshanov, RYT-500 level Hatha Yoga instructor.