I am from out of town visiting family near Montclair. My first appointment with Dr. Eshanov was early in 2013 after I had a bad fall and my shoulders and neck were terribly tight; he used the electrical pads (like a TENS unit) on my shoulders, followed by his gentle manipulation of spine and neck. My neck and shoulders loosened up tremendously; I was so happy with the results. My next visit was early May 2013, and I had had a bad headache for several days to the point of nausea. My neck was stiff and could not get full range of motion. He again used the electrical pads to loosen the muscles, and then the toggle technique to loosen my neck. The nausea and headache began lifting within the first couple of minutes. He is very gentle and gets things to “fall into place” (i.e- correct alignment) with minimal pressure and manipulation. Not a bone cracking technique that so many chiro’s do. He explains everything thoroughly and answers all questions. This guy is totally awesome- and I 100% recommend him.

Melanie Christopher

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