1. Montclair chiropractic helps with pregnancy

    Pregnancy can cause bad back pain because of two major causes. One, increased weight carried mainly in the front and two, increased hormones. The weight of a child changes the posture and strains lowe…Read More

  2. Montclair Chiropractor Explains Scoliosis

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  3. Eating Right With Your Chiropractor (Montclair NJ)

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  4. Chiropractor in Montclair Evaluates Patients

    Getting stress relief from a chiropractic clinic takes more work than at a spa. It is important that your chiropractor gives you an evaluation at your first session which includes posture analysis, pa…Read More

  5. Chiropractor in Montclair Helps Children

    "Have your kids checked for back problems and misalignments" says Dr. Gary Eshanov, a Montclair family chiropractor.     At Dr. Eshanov Chiropractic, also referred to as the Montclair Chiropractic C…Read More


    The most powerful GREEN veggie to use for juicing or for making smoothies is Kale.  Kale has so many powerful effects on the body that doctors and researchers are advising patients to include it in t…Read More

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