I recommend Dr. Eshanov to anyone that is looking for a chiropractor. He is caring, concerned and extremely knowledgeable. I've been going to Dr. Eshanov for a little over a month now for a herniated disc and the improvement is unbelievable. Whenever I start getting frustrated, Dr. Eshanov encourages me to push through it. He's exactly what I've been looking for. He's great!…Read More

    Donna Clough
  2. Highly Recommended Chiropractor

    Dr. Eshanov is a highly skilled chiropractic physician. He is very knowledgeable about both chiropractic and general medicine, and helps patients manage various conditions. In the field of chiropractic medicine, he is second to none. I give Dr. Eshanov my highest recommendation.  …Read More

    Michael Olla, M.D.
  3. Big SHOUT OUT to Dr. Eshanov

    Big Shout out to Dr. Gary Eshanov, who takes the time to check in on me to see how I am progressing- even on days I don't have treatment with him. That's care!  …Read More

    Carlos R. Ruiz
  4. A Tremendous Help

    Dr. Gary Eshanov helped me tremendously! I injured myself working out in the gym and slipped a disc in my low back. I was bed ridden for 2 and half days and could barely even stand up on my feet because the pain was so bad and my legs would give out. I went to Dr. Gary and after the 1st treatment felt a lot better. After several visits he got me completely better and I was able to resume training.…Read More

    David Kruse, RAW Powerlifting Record Holder 2010
  5. Outstanding Service

    Dr. Eshanov, Thank you, so much for helping my dear friend, Carlos R. Ruiz. It is people like you who don't get enough credit. Always, doing the right thing and keeping people away from unnecessary surgeries. You, are a master of your craft!!!  …Read More

    Mike McLaughlin
  6. Caring & Sensitive Physician

    Dr. Eshanov is great- when I first came to him I was always having back pain. After a few visits with Dr. Eshanov, I was like a new person. I feel so much better now and rarely have pain. He is also very caring and sensitive of his patients.  …Read More

    Josephine Rattley
  7. Couldn’t Ask for More

    My experience with Dr. Eshanov has been great! He answers questions thoroughly, offers resources, and allows you to understand what he is doing and why. Plus he listens! By the way, his office is comfortable and there's always great music in the background. I couldn't ask for more in a doctor. I highly recommend him.…Read More

    Lauren Wells, Ph.D., Director
  8. Dr. Gary Eshanov is the cure!

    No more expensive chinese massages for me, Dr. Gary Eshanov is the cure for my back pains :) i highly recommend him ♥  …Read More

    Vanessa Carrillo
  9. No More Medications

    I have consulted with Dr. Eshanov about my back problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.  His treatments and the nutritional advice he gave me have helped me so much! He has made a a big difference in my overall health- my pancreas is functioning better, my back rarely hurts, and I no longer need to be on all of the medications that were prescribed to me.  I highly recommend his services. &nb…Read More

    L.J. Reddin
  10. Dr. Eshanov is a Highly Skilled Physician

    Upper back pain and carpel tunnel syndrome combined...is a professional writer's nightmare. Fortunately, I found an excellent Chiropractor in Montclair, NJ who offers non invasive holistic treatment—without medicine! Dr. Eshanov is a highly skilled physician who demonstrates compassionate care, communicates honestly and believes in a "whole body" approach to wellness. His complimentary exam and …Read More

    Jennifer Burton

    I sought out chiropractic care for two specific conditions, a sharp pain in my upper back and the swelling of my extremities.  The back pain was made worse when driving or computing for long periods of time.  My appointments with neurologists yielded no diagnosis but a referral for therapy.  I have been under the care of Dr. Eshanov for the past three months and have received wonderful results …Read More

    Neil Mapp
  12. A Patient’s Story

    I have two herniated discs in my low back. I work as a window washer and the job requires moving and climbing heavy ladders. I also have to make sudden unnatural movements and get into uncomfortable positions while I am working. On May 2, at a height of 12 feet, I performed an involuntary movement and right away I felt a sharp pain in my back.  For two days I took pills and tried to keep the pain…Read More

    Alberto Fonseca