The spinal column is made up of bones that interlock called vertebrae and nerves that branch out through small openings between the vertebrae.  When the vertebra is in their proper position these nerve fibers pass through without any problem; however certain vertebrae in the vertebral column may shift and subluxate (a dislocation less than a luxation).  When a vertebral subluxation takes place there is pressure put on a nerve which affects nerve impulses. Subluxations may cause an alteration in nerve function and/or nerve communication .  This interference is sometimes felt as weakness, pain, numbness, tingling, soreness and may be accompanied by many other symptoms. Organs and muscles may also be affected by subluxations.  Without addressing the problem the affected organ and muscles will continue to function improperly. Chiropractic adjustements help realign the spine and may take pressure off of nerves. There are other solutions to pain other than pain pills- CHIROPRACTIC!  Our Montclair chiropractor can help keep your spinal column subluxation free! Schedule an appointment today!