According to an article from ABC News, “about 80 % of Americans are currently experiencing back pain, and more specifically lower back pain.” There can be multiple reason for this. It could be that many of us work labor intensive jobs that cause us to constantly use our backs. Others of us have a job that requires us to stand for multiple hours a day, which isn’t healthy for your back either. But not everyone is experiencing back pain as a result of their job. Some of us are injured, some of us have children, and play time can get a little too rowdy. Regardless of who you are, a chiropractic adjustment could serve you quite well. Here are some people that should consider making a trip to the chiropractor a regular habit.


  • Fitness Fanatics/Trainers – For those of us that are working to get our body into fantastic shape, the thought of going to a chiropractor is out of sight, out of mind. However, adjustments can be great for those that are training because while you’re building all of that muscle, your back can get overworked.
  • Laborers – For the hardworking people that build things, dig holes and lift heavy object, a chiropractor is not only necessary, but it’s vital to your well-being. All this labor intensive work is causing your back to tire out and tighten up, so consider getting aligned by a chiropractor, or watch your lower back pain increase.


Just about any person would benefit from getting a chiropractic adjustment. Whether you’re experiencing lower back pain, or are working hard to get your body in shape, we recommend getting aligned by a local chiropractor. Don’t hesitate to call your local chiropractor clinic, and start feeling better today.