Many of the patients who schedule appointments at Eshanov Chiropractic have sustained Montclair auto accident injuries. One of the most common causes of pain and loss of motion after an auto accident is whiplash. Even if you have a general idea of what whiplash entails, there may be many things you do not know about the effects — including the value of chiropractic adjustment as a treatment and pain management solution for it.

Whiplash is more than just an excessive flexing or extension of the muscles and cervical vertebrae in your neck. The “x-factor” which commonly results in whiplash is the sudden, violent nature of the motion. The force of an automobile impact can jerk your head forward at high speed, followed by an equally forceful rebound action that jerks your head back. All this force strains the neck muscles and can throw the vertebrae out of alignment or damage the soft tissue between vertebrae. The result can be not only a stiff, painful neck but also pain, numbness or tingling elsewhere in the body from pinched nerves, accompanied by headaches, dizziness, TMJ symptoms or even brain injury.

Whiplash cases do not always stem from auto accident injuries. Any sudden, jarring impact on your cervical spine can create the exact same effect as a car crash including the gravitational challenges of a high-speed roller coaster or impact resulting from playing sports.

Holistic Treatment in Montclair

At Eshanov Chiropractic, I can diagnose specific problems such as the facet joint pain you may have at the back of your neck. I can identify what kind of soft tissue damage you may have and perform chiropractic adjustments to correct spinal misalignments that may be causing nerve pain. I can also apply massage, trigger point therapy and other helpful pain management techniques as part of an overall holistic therapy schedule. Once you have recovered, I can keep you feeling your best with ongoing wellness care and periodic maintenance adjustments.

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